Education is the greatest gift of God. We at SGHPS aim to produce modern secular citizens with the scientific temper,ready to face any global challenge. We believe that every child entrusted in care and has multiple sparks hidden in him. We aim to nurture each one them to achieve their potential beyond academic Success.

Every child is most valuable source of our country. The mind of the child is tender and fresh .It can be moulded as we want, hence at this tender age we nurture these young saplings with motherly love,affection and care so that these innocent minds are cradled to become high achievers in every sphere of life in their later years.

Today’s challenge for parents, educationists and society at large are varied, distinct and having no historical legacy. With information explosion easily available at the click of a button, young learner’s response to such exposure is  almost unpredictive. Majority of parents have to reinvent their approach while tackling issues related to academics, social and emotional behavior of their wards.

Keeping in mind the above most significant strategy our team  at Sri Guru Harkrishan Public  School are keeping abreast of the scenario to provide a holistic panacea of educational solutions without compromising our standards. We have given the best result both at secondary and senior secondary levels producing city toppers . The school has been able to earn an honorable place in the minds of masses as well as the elite. Apart from the necessary changes in teaching pedagogy, we have gone hi-tech via CCTv as well as Smart Classes-Concepts. Sports, CCAs, Eco –Clubs and Moral Education are K.R.As. Our highly qualified and vibrant faculty is all set to provide the best education with caring attitude.

I am grateful for the over whelming support and cooperation of worthy parents, lovely students and visionary management of our school.Always at your service with a smile……………………………

Poonam Rampal